2 Villas en L'Escala acheter

Villa en L'Escala

L'Escala, Maison reformée près de la plage à L’Escala

95 m²

325 m²


€ 455.000,-

Villa en L'Escala

L'Escala, House in L'Escala

300 m²

800 m²


€ 885.000,-


Localisation & environnement:

L'Escala is a municipality in the comarca of the Alt Empordà in Girona. It is situated on the Costa Brava, located between the southern end of the Gulf of Roses and Cala (bay) Montgó. It is an important fishing port and tourist center, and the town has a festival dedicated to its famous anchovies.

The Alfolí de la Sal, also known as the Pòsit Vell, is a seventeenth-century warehouse formerly used to store the salt necessary to preserve fish landed at the port: it is now a protected historic-artistic monument. The ruins of Empúries are located on the territory of the municipality, with Phoenician and Roman remains. L'Escala is the village of Víctor Català (pseudonym of Caterina Albert, 1869-1966) a famous novel writer.